Ancud – Caulín & Penguin Rookery

We will start driving Southwestern to the Big Island of Chiloé (Chilhue: Place of Seagulls). Our first stop will be at Pargua where we will drive onto a ferryboat which will take us across Chacao channel for 30 minutes until reaching San Antonio de Chacao, a village settled by Spaniards in 1565.

Once inside the island, we will continue on a rural road used only by the local people and milk trucks towards our next destination, Caulin (Scratching birds). This is a popular place because of its oyster farms and the abundance of birds that are attracted by the algae on the beach during the low tide.

After this short visit to the countryside of Chiloé, we will carry on towards the town of San Carlos de Ancud (the land of Ancul). Originally, this place was a fortification in the last time of the Spaniard conquerors in South America (1770).

The San Antonio Fort, located on the upper area of Ancud, was the last bastion where the Spanish flag fluttered in our country (surrendered on January 19, 1826)

Later we will go to Puñihuil, a beautiful beach where we will be able to see the Magellanic and Humboldt penguins and a wide variety of birds and mammals, such as sea gulls, cormorants, petrels, otters, sea lions, among others, spread on four islets declared a Natural Monument and one of the few places on the Southern Pacific Coast where these birds nest, here also we will have time for a lunch to enjoy the magical flavours of our typical food.

How many days
1 Day
1 People  398 USD
2 People  225 USD
People  197 USD
4-5 People  160 USD
6-8 People 122 USD
9-10 People 106 USD