Andes Grande Traversée

A fascinating adventure that will give you a vision of Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia from the virgin steppe up to the Valdivian forests of Chile. A unique eleven days’ ride where Creole and Chilean horses will take you along “Estancias” (farms) crossing endless pampas, green forests and clear rivers. Come and ride with us and with our local guides to experience the gauchos’ style and the cultural diversity of a wonderful region.


Horses were superb – Strong, sound, sure footed & in excellent condition. Scenery was breathtaking and trails adventurous. We feel very lucky!
I have done 2 other mountain rides. This one, more remote and spectacular. I was enchanted with it all. X
Je ne m’ attendais pas à tout cela en venant ici: la magnificience des paysage, la surete de nos chevaux, l’ hospitalité de Cathy et Françoise, la gentillese de Cathy, la bonne humeur de Dino, l’ attention de Tito, la bienveillance de Christian… Malgre tout je n’ imagine pas, ne pas découvrir la vie de Bernardita car c’est ça aussi de s’integrer au savoir vivre local. Le Bivovac fut par moi l’occasion de partager d’avantage de temps avec les baquianos, je rentre nostalgic de cette simplicité de vie – J’ai vécu un rêve éveillè et j’emmène avec moi des souvenirs unique. Vous resterez gravé dans mon coeur et j’esperè pouvoir revenir très vite. Enfin, un grand merci à Tammy que je trouve marveillense. Longue vie à la Ferme! et bonne continuation à Tito, Dino, Christian.
Ravat Amandine
Thanks very much for this wonderful trip! It has been such a great experience and met lovely people: team leaders, baquianos hosts and fellow travellers (and my sweet horse!) I had only a few hours of riding lessons before, so it was a big challenge for me. With the great help of all of the team it was possible for me to have a great time and to feel safe + secure. They looked after me very well and helped me whenever I needed it. They choose the perfect horse for me (=Copita) See you all soon, I hope! 🙂 Julia
Great trip – Good company – Sylvain was exceptional in attend in detail to our requirements. Thank you.
Horses were very good. Could not be improved.
Sylvain went above all possible expectations for unfailing support, help & considerations. An amazing holiday. Very well thought out & organised on all levels. Thank you.
Voyage organisé à la minute, en toute sécuritè. Paifait
Vincent Lavolle
A brilliant Trip! Couldn’t speak more highly od all who looked after us. I was also very aware that our enjoyment and safety was always their concern. Thank you.
No hay tiempo – Prefiero escribir un e-mail despues porque me gustaría pensar un poco antes de escribirlo! Gracias por un viaje inolvidable – Espero de veras que pueda volver otra vez! Con mucho cariño…
Annette Dinesen
How many days
14 days / 13 nigths
2 Persons  7980 USD
3 Persons  7640 USD
4-6 Persons  6490 USD
7-8 Persons  5880 USD