Frutillar & Puerto Octay

Driving shortly to the north and passing by the town of Llanquihue, we will arrive at a small and charming Swiss like village where the first German settlers established. Today, it is still possible to notice their influence in the daily life, which shows in the gardens, architecture and cuisine being noticeable a small artisan beer brewery called Cervecería Colonos del Llanquihue.

This place is well known by its famous and traditional German pastry, its kuchen made with wild berries is an internationally known delicatessen. It is also a summer destination popular for a classical music festival known as “Semanas Musicales de Frutillar”, an annual event which congregates the most outstanding musicians of national and international level.

We will be able to visit the open air Colonial German Museum which takes us back to the year 1850. At the village, we can easily walk along its short streets, enjoying the handicraft shops, the architecture, the Opera house, the cuisine, and having breathtaking views of Osorno Volcano at the back.

Time for Lunch. Afterwards, we will carry on towards the north until reaching our last destination, Puerto Octay, a small German village built in 1857, whose untouched style is the vivid reminder of the times in which, because of the lack of roads, the inhabitants of the age had to navigate for five hours to Puerto Varas. The architecture from the XIX century, built by the immigrants from Silesia and Bohemia, mixed with the modern times make of this village a place full with history and melancholy.

How many days
8 to 9 hrs aprox.
1 People  250 USD
2 People  130 USD
People  113 USD
4-5 People  88 USD
6-8 People  62 USD
9-10 People  48 USD