Petrohue Highlights & Osorno Volcano

Departure from Puerto Varas to take an international route which goes boarding Lake Llanquihue until reaching the small Village of Ensenada and after a short ride we will get into Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, the oldest national park in Chile and also one of the largest: Nearly 253,000 hectares (624,000 acres approx.).

We will then turn off to the Ski Center located at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5,100 feet) which has lift chairs available for reaching up to 1,800 meters (5,400 feet) from where we can have the best views of Lake Llanquihue, everlasting ice and the surrounding areas. We will also be able to go trekking on a path called “El Solitario” which goes boarding Osorno Volcano through an evergreen forest or walk to the side craters of the volcano.

Later, we will go to Ensenada area where the white water rapids of Petrohue River are located. Petrohue is a native word which means “place of smoke”. A great opportunity to enjoy a walk onto two observation trails of the breathtaking Santo Domingo mountain range. One of these trails will lead us to one spectacular place where the mixture of turquoise colors is appreciated on the waters flowing through basaltic rocks, consisting mainly of minerals such as granite and graphite (the most solid mineral on Earth), a fact that makes of this place a unique one.

Later on, we will visit Lake Todos los Santos, also known as Lake Emerald, starting point for the Andean Lake Crossing to Bariloche in Argentina.

How many days
1 Day
1 People  330 USD
People  179 USD
People  156 USD
4-5 People  123 USD
6-8 People  90 USD
9-10 People  73 USD