Puelo Ride

In the Lakes Region, there are remote valleys that cross the Andes. This expedition will take you in one of the little-known areas of the Río Puelo valley. Preserved, as the first settlers have known it, we will ride on narrow trails, through pristine forests and meet few farmers along the way. The daily life in this area will make you experience various aspects, curious smiles and magical wonders of this region while getting deeper into the mountains.

Not all the horses immediately suited my riding seat but this was addressed and other horses offered which were an absolute pleasure to ride. Never sell “Rincón”!!! I’ll be back!
Highlights 1.- Rainers house & scenery 2.- Bernardita – Definitely an experience; both the house & person herself. – Plus fabulous kuchen & lamb + nice salad! 3.- The Island – Best part, everything was awesome, especially the views, food, Fran, etc. Sorry, can’t think of anything to improve. It’s perfect the way it is. =)
Kai Rui Wan
Cathy was warm, engaging and knowledgable. Chino, Ino, Tito and Flauco were very helpful and lovely guys. Packed lunches were exciting! Food was great, company was excellent! This was my first riding trip, but the entire experience was just amazing. Trip was extremely well organized.
Kai Jing Wan
We will definitely recommend this ride to our friends.
Matt / Tim Alison
Never done a ride like this before but I don’t think this ride could be equalled – It was stunning!!!
Jenny Alison
How many days
8 days / 7 nights
2 Persons 4850 USD
3 Persons 4470 USD
4 Persons 3900 USD
5-8 Persons 3800 USD
9-10 Persons 3660 USD