The Andean Crossing Ride

Immerse yourself into this adventure across the Chilean Andes and its remote valleys. You will discover the Patagonian culture in Río Puelo’s valley and experience the local people’s old way of life, all in the pristine Patagonian wilderness.


The Scenery was unique, the hosts welcoming and we always felt safe with all of the terrain. It is hard to suggest anything as the whole experience was fantastic. No once did I feel anything was lacking. the baqueanos were always checking everything and we always felt wecome in the farms. Sylvain was a great guide, constantly helping and offering insight into local customs and traditions!
It’s been a wonderful experience & way beyond my expectations. Even the weather was amazing! Wish I’d came years ago! Crossing rivers was the most terrifying + exhilarating at the same time!
– Virtually Faultless, had an amazing time – Loved my horse (Leona) – Only feedback is to include a soft drink at El Bolsón as it was a bit chaotic trying to sort it out! – Thank you for an amazing experience, one I’ll never forget. 🙂 X
The tour was in every way excellent. In retrospect, I would recommend that people who have not done any western riding before be given a brief session of instruction of how to handle the horses, as it is very different from English riding.
A very enjoyable trip & great riding in spectacular scenery/country.
Staying with Tito’s family, Bernardita and yourself showed me a more personal Chile. The horses looked after us so well – as did all the two legged team! Having one trip of life time. Thank you again. Cathy.
The entire trip was fantastic, it was also much better organised than I thought it would be. Absolutely great!
Great holiday – Honestly the best I ever had. No T.V., no telephone, great company. Perfect amount of activity. Love the accommodations and simple but excellent . Love grain food. Thank you very much. We had a great time.
I have only done “daily” rides before – all in Africa. This holiday was in a different class to anything I have ever done before. The level of care and expertise was amazingly good. The horses bwere also exceptional – To ride in such demanding terrain and be able to put absolute trust in your horse was lovely. “Muñeca” looked after me so well I would like to have taken her home! The accommodation was also lovely, because of the friendliness of Tito & Olivia, Bernardita and, off course Cathy’s mother for allowing us to stay at the island. Thank you! Kate
I can, in some situations, feel anxious because I can’t remember the sequence of next things required, this disorientation with dyscalculia gets triggered if i’m worried – but my needs where really taken care of in this respect and I never felt I was “too late”, disorganized, etc. I particularly liked Bernardita’s place as I like to see /learn every little thing of how a person lives in such a rural spot. Cathy gave me information that interested me. I could spend more time there learning about her life. Last thing, first send Dino to rub my feet from time to time – that will he novel… With thanks from my heart, Jane
Jane Brown
How many days
6 days / 5 nights
2 Persons  4060 USD
3 Persons  3685 USD
4 Persons  3250 USD
5-8 Persons  3090 USD
9-10 Persons  2900 USD