The Huaso Trail

Ride the pioneer trails that crisscross the rural Puelo Valley in the middle of the Andes. Opentravel offers you an exclusive journey into the Chilean Huaso (cowboy) culture. Enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an old way of life in a pristine Chilean Patagonian wilderness region.


This has been a fabulous experience + a really lovely holiday – It really was great! The planning throughout is perfect. The farms are gorgeous & perfect for the job.
I had the most wonderful time and enjoyed every minute. The scenery, whatever (lucky us) + places we visited were superb as were all the peolpe who will stay with me in my memory for a long time.
How many days
7 days / 6 nights
2 Persons  3800 USD
3 Persons  3630 USD
4 Persons  3180 USD
5-8 Persons  3080 USD
9-10 Persons  2970 USD