Trekking Alerce Andino National Park

Early departure from Puerto Montt. We take route 5 and then route 7 going along the northern edge of the Reloncaví Estuary to “Carretera Austral”. In this area, you will have wonderful views of the south coast of Chile. We will go through Puerto Montt, a quaint maritime port where we stop to see some spots with the authentic customs and local culture.

We drive for 45 minutes to get close to the Park and turn left to take the route to our destination going along though a beautiful canyon with views to the Chaicas river and the endless forests of the area. After half hour driving we get into this gorgeous place, the Alerce Andino National Park.

After a short conversation with the park guard, we start the trekking going up for 3 hours through an immense primary forest, in an amazing mountain trail that shows us one of the most gorgeous views of the Andes Mountains. In front our eyes there will be many Alerces – a huge red wood tree – mountains, a small lake, and at the end of this trekking we find the “Laguna Triangulo”, which is known by its granite wall in one of the sides, and over the cliffs stand out the shape of these huge conifers trees of 4.000 years old, the oldest on earth.

How many days
1 Day
1 People  290 USD
People  158 USD
People  148 USD
4-5 People  118 USD
6-8 People  87 USD
9-10 People  70 USD