Who we are

Welcome to Opentravel. We are a group of people passioned by nature and travel. Our main goal is to offer sustainable tourism supporting the rural economy. That’s why we believe that local people is as important as rivers, lakes, mountains, flora and fauna. We invite you on a journey to the Rio Puelo valley, with its ancient forests, gorgeous lakes and rivers and hospitable rural inhabitants. You will experience remoteness just as they do, traveling on trails and waterways. We organize horseriding trips and trekking all over the Lakes District located in North Patagonia.

Cathy Bérard With French roots, Cathy was born in Buenos Aires where she studied and worked as a music therapist and social psychologist.

She has been a Chilean resident since 1997, when she started Opentravel in order to work more closely with nature.  She designed the border crossing between Chile and Argentina in her trekking and riding itineraries, making local culture and respect for the environment key parts of her trips.

Among the destinations she offers are L Colina farm, where she has her horses and the exclusive Bandurrias Island. Her charisma, professionalism and warmth make these trips a real lifetime experience.

Tammy Robaina. She was born in Entre Rios, Argentina. She has always been close to the Argentine countryside and horses. She did different courses of equine therapy. Because of her passion with the mountains she moved to Bariloche, Argentina over 20 years ago. There she has also worked as a ski instructor. In the present she owns her farm in the Andes and dedicates her life to raising horses and organizing horse rides as part of the company she runs with her husband, Andesluna. Tammy and Cathy have been friends for many years and together they started the Grande Traversée programme.
mini_02 Bárbara Olguín. She was born in Santiago, Chile, studied tourism, translation and sociology. She has worked with Opentravel since November 2011 in sales and marketing, providing her professionalism, knowledge, creative energy and commitment.
mini_03 Françoise Dutheil. Born in France, Françoise lived in Buenos Aires from adolescence and now resides on Chile’s Bandurrias Island. Host and the soul of Las Bandurrias Island, she’s been here as the sole inhabitant for over 25 years. Fran, as she is called, welcomes us into her home and shares this lovely place with her visitors. A surprise in our travels and something to long remember.
mini_04 “Tito”, Héctor Cuevas. Born and raised in Puelo Valley, Tito amazes with his horsemanship but above all, he is an excellent barbecue master. His roasted lamb is the best of Patagonia! He is Cathy’s right hand, longtime friend and faithful collaborator. Tito is a professionally certified trail guide. He has completed the Wilderness First Responder course (WFR) that capacitates professionals in evacuation from remote areas and First Aid.
mini_05 Olivia Palma Cuevas. Tito’s wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Olivia welcomes us in her home with deadication and affection.
mini_06 Dominik Marty Dominik Marty was born in Switzerland and arrived to ride the Argentine Patagonia more than 20 years ago. In 2001 he definitively stayed in Argentina where he continues his profession as an Agronomist and field manager. He developed his horse knowledge and experience and now he manages his own company together with his wife Tammy.
mini_07 Bernardita Alegría. Born and raidsed in the Valley. Host of one of the most remote places we visit. Bernardita is the soul of our remote encounter. Multifaceted and deadicated, she warmly welcomes visitors while doing magic with the products of her orchard.
mini_09 Dino Morales. He was born in the Valley, the most experienced horse guide we have. He joins Opentravel in the 2006, giving us as a gift he’s always-happy horse riding companion.
mini_10 Chindo y Nancy Gallardo. They are third generation of the pioneers that arrived to the Valley for the first time. Their home is at the shore of the Puelo River, where it clear water is the best place for the Salmon fly-fishing. A great family of entrepreneurs they share their house with our guests.
mini_11 Salvador Fernández y Luky Núñez de Fernández. Neighbors of Las Bandurrias Island in Las Rocas Lake. Luky is Fran’s loyal assistant on the island with her magic cooking! Salvador is our boatman for all the navigation on the lake, carrying luggage, food, passengers, everything !
mini_12 Lolo Escobar. Living in the rural sector of Las Horquetas, Lolo is dedicated to nature and the mountains. He welcomes us into his home and offers the best family hospitality. He’ll join us in our visit to El Logrado Glacier. A longtime friend and neighbor.
mini_13 Ino y Sonia. Trail guide in the Santo Domingo area and a very good farmer. He and his wife, Sonia, welcome us to share a night with them in their home. Sonia takes care of us with lovely meals. Ino is parto of this first team in the Puelo ride.
mini_14 Manuel Miranda. Argentinean horseman. He’s family, is part of the Argentinean “Gaucho “ tradition. They raise and tame their own horses. Manuel shares his horses in The Grand Traversée with our team.
mini_15 Zoilo Gallardo. Part of our team, this horseman is unique for his kindness and humor.